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Europe’s First Bitcoin Embassy To Open in Poland

10 May 2014 | 08:40

Next Monday, the 12th of May, 2014 at 12:00 pm a Bitcoin Embassy will officially open in Warsaw. The embassy will be the first of its kind in Europe and the third in the world with its main aim being to work on unifying Bitcoin enthusiasts? community as well as popularizing the digital currency itself within Poland.

The embassy will be located at 46 Krucza Street in the center of Warsaw and will constitute the first establishment to be opened in Poland whose purpose it is to educate the public on Bitcoin?s potential and to encourage its use. The founders of the embassy have made it their goal to reach the part of the society who display interest in Bitcoin in terms of its ?digital? qualities and who would like to learn about its practical application, talk to people who are involved in Bitcoin on a daily basis or even to set up their own digital wallet on their phone.


Bitcoin is a digital medium of exchange whose popularity has been steadily growing over the last 5 years across all continents. It does not have the state or a central bank as the issuer, nobody owns it and its functioning is governed by a computer algorithm.

Bitcoin is characterized by:

  • A limited supply
  • A global reach
  • Subject only to the laws of mathematics
  • The possibility to transfer funds to any location within seconds no matter the day of the week or the hour of said day.

The Bitcoin Embassy will be the place to go not only for new technology sympathizers, enthusiasts and the Bitcoin market visionaries but also for individuals who are generally interested in what digital currencies are, what their potential is and where they are headed when it comes to further development. The founders are keen on getting in touch with journalists, entrepreneurs, investors and anybody wanting to use Bitcoin both over the internet and in that café on the corner, alike.  Such businesses are already up and running in several of Poland?s cities.

The project was initiated by Maciej Ziółkowski and Piotr Hetzig- also the founders of Poland?s first blog devoted to Bitcoin- The institution is to be funded through training sessions, conferences and the sale of hardware verifying transactions in Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Embassy embodies the first such innovative undertaking in Europe. After Montreal and Tel Aviv it came time for Warsaw

says Maciej Ziółkowski- the embassy?s founder.

Bitcoin is the future and Poland has a chance to become a leader in this advanced industry. Anybody interested is welcome to visit us at 46 Krucza street

adds the company?s president Piotr Hetzig

Contact Details for the use of the media:

Maciej Ziółkowski
tel. +48 888 78 78 70


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