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Poland’s Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Chamber of Commerce Announced

30 May 2018 | 08:51

The Polish Bitcoin Association, the Trading Jam Session Foundation and the starting committee for the Chamber of Blockchain and New Technologies have set out to found a chamber of commerce supporting cryptocurrency and the Blockchain technology in Poland.

Once established, the chamber of commerce will open up possibilities for promoting favorable legislation and other measures assisting Bitcoin and Blockchain-based economic entities. There has been talk for a year of setting up an institution of that kind in Poland. The process picked up the pace this past April when the talk migrated onto the forum while, at the same time, the Polish Bitcoin Association also became interested in the project.

As of this writing the aforementioned Polish Bitcoin and Blockchain advocacy groups have joined forces and the cryptocurrency and Blockchain chamber of commerce is coming into view.  

The overarching theme in the founding of the chamber of commerce is the integration of various sectors of the cryptocurrency, Blockchain and otherwise new technology-oriented environment. Individuals involved in said environment seek legislation that would normalize the fiscal aspect of cryptocurrency in Poland. All the while, everybody involved acknowledges that there needs to be a joint effort with the government to educate the public on matters of cryptocurrency and a resounding condemnation of any scams or fraud in the cryptosphere. In line with these principles, our chamber of commerce will cooperate with the government in any way necessary.”—remarked in his comments to Crypto Edge Robert Wojciechowski of the starting committee for the Chamber of Blockchain and New Technologies.

Open letters by the Chamber of Blockchain and New Technologies and the Polish Bitcoin Association tell of normalizing the legislative climate around cryptocurrency as the main objective of the new chamber of commerce.

All sides hope to find allies in one another to form an institution with “enough know-how, experience and dedication” to realistically make a difference legally and legislatively.

You can sign up for provisional membership in the chamber of commerce at application forms will also be available from the Trading Jam Session Foundation and the Polish Bitcoin Association social media channels.


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